Our mission aims on working with the right partners to insure that we offer the best products with the total safety to our clients.

About Us

Auxiliares de Memória S.A, born in 2009, it’s a succession of 3 generations familiy business, that congregated 40 years experience in the textile industry with a new prespective of market and developtments. Our main core business is the commercializtion of dyes and auxiliary.

We are the bridge between our client and our partners, which allows to find the best sustainable solution, through the appropriated demand. We also prevail technical follow up of the after sell, which provides the data, that our suppliers use to create new developments.


The modern textile industry in Portugal dates back to 1845, mostly located in the North of the country. Since then that our contribution for the home and international market has been recognised. With a capacity over the 10million tons/year, our market cooperates with the major brands around the world, such as INDITEX GROUP wich is located within a 300km radio, that allows a privileged position to assure a exclusive time and quality delivery. A proof of that was the pilot programme RTM first tested in Portuguese Textile Industry.




Wetting and penetrating agents

Stabilisers and various auxiliaries for hydrogen peroxide bleaching

Auxiliary dyeing agents for wool, polyamide, leather, polyester, acrylic, cotton and blends

Anti-foaming auxiliaries, anti-crease auxiliaries, carriers, fixing agents and dispersing agents

Washing auxiliaries for dye-printed material

Anti-static agents

Sequestering agents

Cleaning auxiliaries for dye stains

Additives for printing pastes



Fireproof agents

Other finishing and special effects products


Washing agents







Support & Partners

The CCT laboratory was created to supply technical support to our clients, with fast and effective answers. We have also the technical cooperation of our partners around the world, that provide the best solution through data exchange.

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Our professional and assertive response has been rewarded by a healthy prosperity and strong partners.
Commercial history and global connections are the strength of this market. Being a step ahead it’s our priority.


Auxiliares de Memória, S.A.

  • Rua Engº. João Tallone, 199
    Zona Industrial da Maia I - Sector IX - Lote 3
    4700-516 Maia . Portugal

  • tel.: +351 229 483 183
  • fax: +351 229 447 816

  • geral@auxiliares-cct.pt